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Write a short blog or forum post

If you are a blogger or an active member on a forum, then you can get a Contributor PIN for writing a short post about our extension. Please use the form bellow to submit the link of the page where we can see your post:
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Time saver: Get a Contributor PIN by helping us pay the bills!

If you are limited in time to support the project by sharing a link on a social. networks, write a blog post, make a video review or you are a generous person, then you can help the project with a donation =)

Renting stable but expensive servers, thousands of gigabytes of traffic and hundreds of IP addresses from different subnets requires high financial expense. Therefore, we and all our user value every donated dollar! And for your generosity and support, as a reward from us, you will get a priority: UNLIMITED speed and ACCESS to all servers.

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Why your help is so important

We are a small, non-profit software developer team. Since 2006, we have been helping users in protecting their personal data online (hide your IP address or the web site you are visiting) and freely get access to public information (unlock access to the site).

Recently (thanks to the media) lots of services began to appear, the true purpose of which was the desire to make money on the needs of users, by providing them a VPN service on a PAID basis. We cannot not stand aside! Therefore, we created a service which is free for everyone!

To make it possible, each of our servers downloads several thousand gigabytes of data every month for our users. A large amount of data does not cause us a problem, but unlike Internet connection you use at home, on a server you need to pay for the downloaded data.

We are proud that the service helps thousands of users every day! But for its stable and continuous operation, we need to rent strong and unfortunately expensive servers.

And in order to hide the fact of protecting your personal information behind our servers as much as possible, we also rent hundreds of IP addresses from different subnets. Renting each address costs from 3 to 7 dollars per month.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, a service like ours is not appealing to large corporations that earn a lot of money by selling your personal data. We are also against low-grade ads that would help us pay the bills!

But with help of your support, we can survive, so share the service with friends on a social networks! Even if 1% of all users donates at least $10 per month, we can continue please you with a stable and fast service!

In gratitude for your generosity, you will get unlimited speed and access to all available servers. As soon as we raise enough funds, we will add new servers from other countries.

Support and help us, we are stronger together!